Our Services

Pay rent ( Residential & Commercial) using Credit Card - Earn points, Increase credit score make your money work more hard for you

Pay Monthly Maintenance for your flat or home at Zero cost using Credit Debit Card.No Convenience Charges for Monthly rent payment - This means you pay only for your rent.

Pay Advance or Security deposit using credit card you can also avail our EMI option using your credit card.

Pay Your Home EMI for home loan using Credit Debit Card.

Encourages Parents to handle their kids rental cost directly , without sending cash every month with kids.

Creates a clean economy as now there are no cash transactions.

Automatically rent receipt is generated in form of invoice hence easy to claim HRA as no more last minute creating bills.

We are passionate about Owners and Tenants hence we do not charge anything other than your rent*. On Owner side we make sure he get a bearers Cheque for his property on time without any worry that the Cheque might get dishonored. Pay your rent on our site be it independent houses, Apartments, commercial establishments, Flats, Villas, Land deals, Sites and Paying Guest accommodation and get immediate response and most amicable solution: we are happy to help you!!

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