Pay Rent Across India Credit Debit Card at Zero Cost / We Fulfill by Cheque or Bank Transfer to Home Owner.

One of our primary needs as humans is the “Place we live” , as we Business professionals and house makers we tend to have our own homes or rent a place depending on various factors like proximity to place of work, Kids school. Connectivity and so on.

We all must fall in one or all the following:

  • Live in their Own house with no home loans to pay.
  • Live in their Own newly bought home with Kids and pay Home Loan as its much better than Renting a home and paying every month rent.
  • Rent a home and and have a home loan which is being built.
  • Rent a home and not interested in home as the EMI bounds you for 20 years.
  • People who pay only Maintenance.

Our advanced Dashboard features help users to keep a track of thier rent expenditure and maintenance in a single login. With 200 means to pay your Rent residential and commercial month on month and at zero cost. This means you can make your cash earn you Air miles, fuel at gas stations, Jewelry vouchers, Dinners and in some cases with the points you can pay back the rent as well.

Pay your rent using our site and put your hard earned money to work!

Pay Rent Using Credit Card at Zero Charges

Pay Rent, Maintenance, Home Loan EMI, Advance Repayment all using Credit card in one click. using Rent Ads. Stop running around to get change when paying maintenance and Get 45 days more time to pay your rent apart from valuable points , fuel, food vouchers and more from your credit card provider and put your money to more use.

Rental Eco System / DashBoards

Rent Ads provides a comprehensive eco system to manage your home rental transactions. Welcome to a new world of customer experience where your rent invoices, rental agreement, are in your SMS and in your single login. Dynamic dashboards and notifications with features such as Monthly rent amount, Year to date rent paid help you to plan your HRA accordingly and save cash during tax filings.

Society Accepting Cheque: Payable at Par Cheque for Societies which accept only Cheque.

We live in a world where we have societies which help us in common maintenance and facilities. Many of the societies accept either cheque and cash. We walk the extra mile to mail a Cheque payable to society for the maintenance amount changed on credit card. This ensures your transactions are properly documented with invoices and its a win win for all.

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